New Indian Woman

How to stop wasting time looking for things - Episode 1

August 30, 2019


Do you end up searching for things around the house ? We all do. We may think of ourselves as organized or messy. Regardless, we all end up looking for things leading to waste of time, frustration and more. Sounds familiar ?

What's in this episode:

Yes, it is possible to find solutions to this problem and we will examine those.

No, it is not about our memory, it is not about the popular technique of identifying a home for every single thing!

I am sharing  tools and techniques to avoid wasting your valuable time looking for things.

And do listen to tips on how to involve family members in implementing this.

Where do I start ?

Welcome you to listen to this episode as the first step.

Start filling up the free customisable sheet MyStuff@Home available for download at

Implement the Pending File Process.

And you are all set! Do share this episode with your friends  and do let me know what techniques work for you by writing to


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