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How to stop forgetting to do things - Episode 2

September 13, 2019


Do you commit to yourself or others to do things and then forget the same ? Do you end up rushing at the last minute because of forgetting to do stuff ? Do you envy the people who seem to remember their commitments and do it every time ? Are you fed up of trying tips and tricks to make sure you don’t forget things ?

What's in this episode:

In this episode, we will look at step by step methods to address this problem so that you could focus more on what you want. The nagging feeling you get of having forgotten something - let this be a thing of the past. When you do something, allow your mind to engage  fully in that task. Wondering how ? Let us examine the methods and also, how to make this into a habit!

These are explained in the 3 step process of Prepare, Capture and Make this into a Habit.

Where do I start ?

Welcome you to listen to this episode .

Use the free customizable sheet Reference List of Tasks available for download at

Implement the Prepare, Capture and Make into a Habit processes..

And you are all set! Do share this episode with your friends  and do let me know what techniques work for you by writing to

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