New Indian Woman

How to protect your child from sexual abuse ? - Episode 18

May 29, 2020


Caution: Listener discretion advised considering the topic.

In the previous episode we tried to understand more about Child Sexual Abuse. In this episode, we get into more practical steps of what you, as a mother, should do to reduce the probability of sexual abuse, especially at home. Plus, Kalpana gives us tips on the most powerful way of equipping our children.

Listen to  the conversation with Kalpana Purushothaman who has worked with children and adult survivors of child sexual abuse for several years.

What the New Indian Woman podcast is about

As you may already be aware, this podcast has 2 focus areas. One, We examine the challenges faced by today's Indian woman and proposes ACTIONABLE strategies in the Indian context, on a wide variety of topics - right from identifying their passion to better productivity and parenting.  Second,  We meet women who chose to aspire or have a dream beyond their defined roles  and facilitates sharing of what worked and what didn’t, for them. Today's episode falls in the first category.

And in the process, my aim is to help  you, the new Indian woman, to realize your potential, chase your dreams and aspirations, utilize the wonderful opportunities available in today's world.

 What's in this episode:

 Kalpana talks about how our notion of CSA done by a stranger in some dark alley is false. She shares how home and school are the most at risk places for CSA and what we as parents need to know to protect our children. Not from strangers, but from known people, people whom we trust. She talks about how we have a false sense of safety and shares the most powerful tool that we can give our child.

We move on to discussing about how to talk to the child in an age appropriate manner, right from about 3 years to mid teens and beyond. We examine why the notion of good touch and bad touch is not correct.

 More importantly, she explains with examples the importance of practicing conversations on sexuality among many other things and gives practical examples of doing so, embedded in our daily life.

Yes, she addresses the question of how to discuss with older children and what parental responsibility is in these days of everything being available at one's fingertips.

And she highlights the need to discuss gender, identity and so on and how this helps in the context of abuse.

Listen and share with all the women in your life..

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